Standard BSA 2019 Spring Prize Program

Carabiner w/ Strap & BSA® Branding

This 3" Carabiner is not safe for climbing, but will be sure to come in handy as a keyring. Each features a split ring for your keys. Clip can be easily attached to your belt loop or back pack with a press of the spring-loaded release.

Survival Rope Bracelet w/ Compass & Whistle

This Rope Bracelet unravels into a 25 foot cord, and also includes a whistle and compass.

Pop-Up Phone Stand/Holder

A collapsible phone grip that is repositionable, it sticks to the back of smart phones, tablets, and small laptops, and provides comfort and convenience like non-other. Prop devices up for viewing or for texting, and then collapse it back into the flat position on the phone to put away in pockets or bags. Can also be used as an earbud cord wrap.

Zing Glove-A-Bubbles - Assorted

Wave & Play! Wave your way to a bubbling good time with this awesome Glove-A-Bubble Animal. Assorted - Lion, Elephant, Panda or Alligator