Standard BSA 2019 Spring Prize Program

Zing Thumb Chucks

Thumb Chucks is a cool skill toy. One set includes 1 light up thumb chuck with a basic trick. There is a mobile app support featuring tutorials, special effect to enhance your own videos and more. (Colors may vary)

Sticky Stress Ball w/ BSA® Branding

The Ball That Sticks to the Wall! A little smaller than a baseball, Stikball has a sticky outer surface and a moldable middle. Rear back and throw it against walls, doors, or other flat, smooth surfaces. And if Stikball gets dirty, just wash it with water and it returns to its original sticky surface! Are you in the strike zone?

6" Sitting Bear w/ BSA® Branding

These cute, and cuddly animals are a great way to show your support for Scouting. 

Mini Multi-Tool

This mini-multi tool is a great addition when camping or hiking. Contains pliers, wire cutter, 1-1/2" blade knife, Standard and Philips Screwdrivers, bottle opener, saw blade, and flashlight.